“Stranger Things” and Netflix have climbed the streaming throne in 2022. As the market research company Nielsen announces on its website, the mystery series, which received a fourth season last year, was the most streamed production in the USA. The total of 34 episodes of “Stranger Things” were therefore streamed 52 billion minutes. This makes the Netflix series not only the most successful in-house production of all streaming services, but also prevails over TV series that are available from various providers.

“Navy CIS” (NCIS) lands directly behind “Stranger Things”. Netflix is ​​showing 356 episodes of the crime series in the US. In total, the production comes to 38.1 billion minutes streamed. Compared to “Stranger Things”, which only has a fraction of the episodes of “NCIS”, a much weaker yield. Third place is secured by the children’s show “Cocomelon”, also on Netflix, with 37.8 billion streaming minutes and just 18 episodes.

In the next places are “Ozark”, the film “Encanto”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Criminal Minds”. The surprise hit “Wednesday” only ranked twelfth in the general list of all streaming content, but the series has only been available since the end of November.

In the most popular originals, the “Addams Family” reboot around the daughter of the family, played by Jenna Ortega (20), even made it to third place. Netflix content almost completely occupies the first 15 places. The only exceptions are the two Amazon Prime video series “The Boys” (11th place with 10.6 billion minutes) and “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” at number 15 with 9.4 billion minutes.

Even if providers such as Netflix, Disney and Co. primarily advertise with their original productions, Nielsen emphasizes how interesting purchased library content is for subscribers. The viewers also spent a lot of time with series like the “Simpsons”, “Friends” or “Gilmore Girls”.