The production of the final season “Stranger Thrings” has to be postponed due to the ongoing writers’ strike. This was announced by the creators of the Netflix series, Matt and Ross Duffer (39), in a tweet on Saturday (May 6). “The writing doesn’t stop once filming begins,” it says. “While we look forward to starting production with our amazing cast and crew, this is not possible during this strike. We hope that a fair settlement can be reached soon so we can all get back to work. Until then – over and out.”

The influential US writers’ union WGA announced in early May that thousands of American screenwriters were laying down their jobs. The reason for the strike: the authors are demanding better pay and better framework conditions for their work. According to the union, its approximately 11,500 members are in an “existential crisis” and are struggling with increasingly difficult living conditions. It would be about nothing less than the “survival of the writing profession”. The focus of criticism is primarily on the large streaming companies such as Netflix, Disney or Amazon. In view of the enormous growth in streaming offers, a higher salary and a higher profit share for the authors are appropriate.

The strike has already impacted production of daily late-night shows, with “Saturday Night Live” ending its season early and MTV Movie

Details about the plot of the fifth season of “Stranger Things” and the grand finale are not yet known. “We made our executives cry, which I took as a good sign,” director Matt Duffer said at an event in Los Angeles in November 2022, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He and his brother Ross introduced season five at a two-hour meeting. “The only other times I’ve seen her cry was at budget meetings,” he said.

They viewed season five as “a culmination of all seasons,” Ross Duffer said. You have a little bit of each other. Before that, each season had a clear imprint. The third was her “big summer blockbuster season with our big monster”, the fourth was characterized by “psychological horror”. They now want to return to the tone of the first season, but build on the scope of season four. “Hopefully it has a bit of everything,” says the director.

The retro mystery series “Stranger Things” is one of the biggest series successes of the Netflix streaming service. Last year’s season four ranks first in Netflix’s all-time best English-language series list, with over 1.3 billion hours streamed in the first 28 days of its release.