There is so much that makes her shine. Special offers, for example, or the Facebook page of a supermarket group. She then laughs a very big, very happy laugh, it is her trademark, immortalized on countless flyers, brochures and posters, of course also on the Internet. The woman in these advertising images is called Widget, she doesn’t want to reveal her last name to the general public, but more on that later. Posters with her face hang everywhere in Germany, on the side of the road, on advertising pillars and wherever else you stick advertisements. Even from a subway station in Washington, D.C., someone sent her a photo of her.

Widget doesn’t walk the catwalks, she doesn’t smile from “Vogue” or “Elle”. And yet there are few people who beam into the eyes of Germans as often as the woman with the long, red hair. She has been working as a model for more than 15 years, ten of them also for so-called stock photos – pictures that are not made for a specific project, but more or less in stock (the translation of the English word “stock”). Companies use such photos for their websites or advertisements. And if things go well for the models, then they make it to a kind of mezzanine level in the industry: they are known, but somehow not. To be seen everywhere and yet faces without names.

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