When celebrity marriages are in trouble, the public doesn’t find out about it until late. At least that’s how it usually is. Things are different at the moment with Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira Pocher. For weeks, the two have been addressing the fact that they are in a love crisis in interviews and their podcast. Now they even talked about the comedian’s hypothetical new girlfriend.

“You would never look for a woman of the same age,” says Amira Pocher in an interview with her husband. The moderator provides a reason at the same time. “Men who don’t have a certain emotional maturity are always looking for younger women. Weak men are always looking for weak, young women,” said Pocher with a dig at her husband.

Oliver Pocher finds the discussion “interesting”, asks his partner why his girlfriend should be the same age at all. “Well, because that’s how you do it, plus/minus five years. But you at 45 would never look for a 40-year-old woman by your side,” she is sure. Her husband’s next friend, as Amira Pocher decides, will be 24 years old. “A mature man who is at peace with himself, who has emotional intelligence, who knows what he wants, what he can do, what he has. Why would he look for a 22- or 23-year-old girl, at all can’t be at his level,” says Amira Pocher. You have already dealt with the topic.

When she and the comedian became a couple, he was 38 and she was 24. But she was much more mature than other 24-year-olds, according to Amira, and her husband was more childish than the 38 years would suggest. Oliver Pocher also has a theory as to why older men would meet younger women. “Because the men can still reproduce, they then look for a younger woman,” he says. “Please don’t reproduce anymore, Olli. I think five children are enough,” countered his wife.

Also in an interview with the star, Amira Pocher recently teased her husband. “Recently, my two-and-a-half-year-old son stood in the door with his Pampers and held them open for me. He seems to have copied that from me. I almost cried with emotion. So I’m confident that he would be the first Pocher to have a becoming a gentleman,” she said.

Source: Podcast “The Pochers”

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