Strong spice notes (such as cinnamon and cloves, sandalwood and vanilla) are very popular in the winter months – in the truest sense of the word. This is not only due to the season itself, but also to the cold temperatures: These ensure that a fragrance cannot develop as intensively as on a warm summer day. It makes all the more sense to use a strong fragrance in winter that stays on the body longer. Below you will find five different winter fragrances for women and men that are trendy.

Sophia Grojsman created the women’s fragrance in 1990 – since then “Trésor” has been one of the all-time favorites. While the heart note consists of heliotrope, iris, rose and violet, the base note consists of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. The top note of apricot, bergamot and peach rounds off the perfume.

The oriental scented eau de toilette by Hugo Boss impresses with its sensual notes of musk (base), osmanthus blossom (heart) and bergamot (head). They give “The Scent” a strong character – this is why women like to wear the feminine scent in winter, as it stays on the skin for a long time.

An equally popular winter fragrance for women is the “J’adore” Eau de Parfum: Its floral bouquet is made up of a fruity ylang-ylang essence, sparkling Damask rose (with Turkish roots), a jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse, Arabian jasmine and tuberose (from India).

With its elegant character, “Libre” manages the balancing act between feminine and masculine ingredients: the base note contains vanilla, tonka bean and ambergris – the middle note orange blossom, jasmine and orchid. The fragrance is completed by the top notes of tangerine, lavender and bergamot.

With “Le Parfum”, the Lebanese fashion designer created his first own women’s fragrance. Here, too, the bouquet is made up of floral ingredients such as rose petals, honey and cedar wood (head). Jasmine and patchouli form the heart note with a strong character, while orange blossom dominates in the base note.

We start this series with a classic: “Obsession” was created in 1985 and has enjoyed great popularity ever since. The sensual winter scent is composed of sandalwood, musk, vetiver, amber, patchouli, lemon mint, bergamot, lavender, coriander, myrrh, sage and nutmeg.

A masculine winter fragrance comes from the House of Armani: “Code Homme Profumo” is made up of ingredients with a strong character: tonka bean, tobacco accents and a wood/amber accord form the base notes, the top note consists of green mandarins, green apple and cardamom. The heart note is rounded off with lavender, nutmeg and orange blossom.

According to the manufacturer, the oriental fragrance impresses with its musky yet fruity note. “Homme Intense” is not called that without reason: the Eau de Parfum should last a particularly long time, which also explains the distinctive character of the winter fragrance. It contains ingredients such as iris and cedar wood.

This fragrance from Guerlain is also well suited for cold winter days: vanilla tincture, tonka bean and leather as base notes, bergamot and almond as top notes and various spices, Bulgarian rose and incense as heart notes – all these strong ingredients are hidden in “L’Homme Idéal”.

The bottom of this winter series is another exotic fragrance by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic: In addition to its typical ginger note (head), “The Scent Absolute” also contains maninka fruits and mondia root (heart). The base note vetiver provides a smoky accent that should not be too dominant.

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