Walkman and Discman – the older ones among us will remember vaguely – have long been the absolute exception when it comes to listening to music. Today’s children and adolescents don’t just prick their ears to different music. Instead of inserting cassettes or CDs, your favorite tracks, radio plays, podcasts, etc. can be accessed around the clock on audio streaming portals such as Spotify, Amazon Music and others.

But children get acoustic stimuli on their little ears much earlier. Sounds are hidden in books, but also in toys, which already inspire children who are still crawling through life. Among other things, to relieve the strain on the parents’ eavesdroppers (as a father of two sons, I know what I’m talking about), the music industry has developed headphones for small heads and adapted them to sensitive ears.

Six wired models for toddlers. In addition: In this article you can find out what to look out for when buying and with which tools several children can have listening fun at the same time.

Accurately tailored to the six designs of the popular Toniebox, the so-called Tonie-Laucher kidnap children from the age of three into their own audio world. The frame is printed with small motifs from the musical cosmos and the lightly padded bracket can be easily adjusted to the head size of the wearer. Weighing just under 100 grams, the Tonie eavesdroppers are among the lightest in this small comparison. Beautiful: the generously dimensioned textile cable is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack at both ends. The children can also handle the cable a little rougher without tearing it off and making the eavesdropper unusable. The standard socket also makes the Tonie eavesdroppers flexible. So they can be plugged into any player with the appropriate input. There can be problems on the plane because some airlines use double mono audio jacks there. An adapter can help here. Here is the Toniebox starter set with box, eavesdropper and a storage box for tonies.

Like all other children’s headphones in this comparison, the volume of the eavesdroppers is limited to 85 decibels (dB), which is suitable for children and gentle on their developing hearing. The volume can also be limited manually via the Toniebox configuration menu in the “meinetonies” app.

Very easy

Bracket only adjustable to a limited extent

Cable detachable and very long

Setting the volume limit a bit cumbersome

Padded temples

These children’s headphones from JVC are colorful. They are available in four two-tone designs. In addition, little music fans can customize their headphones. Each headphone comes with four sheets of stickers on different themes. Technically, the JVC HA-KD5 children’s headphones can definitely keep up with the competition. The unfortunately unpadded temples can be comfortably adjusted by more than three centimeters on both sides. The built-in cable leads in a classic way from both ear cups to the 3.5 mm jack. In contrast to the Tonie-Laucher, JVC uses the letters “L” and “R” to indicate how the headphones are to be put on. In short: parents with a slightly smaller budget get solid headphones for their offspring at a fair price.

Bracket generously adjustable

Temples not padded

Stickers to customize

Fixed cable

Attractive price

Cable could be longer

POGS focuses primarily on the topic of sustainability. The young Dutch company says it donates 10 percent of its profits to nature conservation projects that plant trees and plastic in the oceans. Both the packaging and the headphones themselves are made from recycled materials. The website states that no single-use plastic is used. POGS also adheres to the maximum volume level recommended by the World Health Organization and limits the noise level to 85 dB with SafeSound technology. The brackets of the wired POGS “The Elephant” are partially padded and flexibly adjustable to different head sizes. Smart: POGs marked the hangers with tent symbols (from one to three) for orientation. A large print inside the earcup shows how to put on the headphones. In addition, the ear cups can be rotated during a musical break and folded inwards to save space. All in all, a well thought-out pair of headphones designed exclusively for children.

Flexible and padded temples

Comparatively expensive

Additional cable included


Produced BPR and BFR free

Customization possible with Doodas

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These headphones for children come from the US loudspeaker and audio company JBL (by Harman). When it comes to comfort, the Jr310 leaves nothing to be desired. Both the ear cups and the headband are softly padded and nestle against the child’s head (and ears). In addition, the little rock stars can customize their eavesdroppers with the supplied (and reusable) stickers. This is otherwise only the model of JVC. In addition, the JBL Jr301 can be folded up and thus stowed away and transported to save space. In short: the JBL children’s headphones can do everything that makes children’s ears ring. The designers could reconsider the choice of color alone.

JBL Jr310 Kids Headphones Info:

Sticker set included

Only two color designs

Headset with integrated microphone

Fixed cable

Padded headband


Simolio tries to score with a 3-level volume limit. With this comparatively heavy model, the noise level can be blocked at 75, 85 or 94 dB using a slider on the housing. The retractable nylon cable of the Simolio headphones is an impressive 150 centimeters long. In addition, an HD microphone with volume control has been integrated. Nice for the next holiday trip or weekend trip: the ear cups can be conveniently folded inwards. The part also fits securely in a small bag that is included. An integrated sharing socket on the Simolio children’s headphones also allows siblings or friends to enjoy an audio book or music together. All in all an attractive pair of headphones with the most important functions and even more.

Additional headbands included

Comparatively heavy

Integrated sharing connection

Act a bit clunky


3-level volume limitation

Hands-free calls possible

In addition to the Tonie-Laucher, the lightest headphones in this small comparison. The SHK2000PK children’s headphones from the traditional hi-fi house Philips weigh just 100 grams. In combination with the attractive price, the children’s headphones from the Netherlands are an alternative to the sometimes significantly more expensive competition. But you have to make a few compromises in terms of comfort. There wasn’t enough foam padding for the headbands. In contrast to other models, the cables are also permanently installed. Unfortunately, the Philips headphones are only available in two color designs. The bracket can be extended to a length of 36 centimeters and thus also fits larger children’s heads comfortably. The obligatory limitation to a volume level of 85 dB is also included with Philips. The fully padded ear cups are more reminiscent of a rectangle and appear relatively voluminous.

Very easy

Only two color designs

Attractive price

Fixed cable

Temples unpadded

Perhaps the most useful and practical tool for little music fans is what is known as an audio splitter. Simply plug the 3.5 mm jack into the Toniebox or another playback device. And five children can listen to their favorite sound or an exciting radio play story at the same time.

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