After their divorce became known, a lot has not yet been clarified between Joe Jonas (34) and Sophie Turner (27). The ex-couple started their four-day mediation on Wednesday (October 4th), during which custody issues will be clarified and a parenting plan for their two daughters will be drawn up. The talks are scheduled to take place in Manhattan. As the US magazine “People” reports, Turner was spotted with her lawyer leaving her New York apartment, where she currently lives and which belongs to her friend Taylor Swift (33). Jonas, on the other hand, was seen arriving at a law firm for discussions.

Last Tuesday, the ex-couple’s lawyers announced that the two would take part in a four-day mediation. Although a trial date has been set for January 2nd, the mediation is aimed at resolving many of Turner and Jonas’ custody issues.

Turner had previously sued her ex for allegedly refusing to let the children travel to her native Britain. He is said to have refused to hand over the two’s passports to her. On September 25th, they finally agreed that the two daughters would remain in New York until the custody issue was resolved. According to the agreement, neither Sophie Turner nor Joe Jonas would be allowed to leave the state with the children.

The singer and the actress got together in 2016. Their engagement in 2017 was followed by a wedding in Las Vegas two years later. At the beginning of September, Joe Jonas is said to have filed for divorce. The couple confirmed their separation in a joint statement on Instagram. “After four wonderful years, we have decided together and in friendship to end our marriage.”