Are tennis star Alexander Zverev (26) and presenter Sophia Thomalla (34) thinking about having a child after almost three years of relationship? In an interview with broadcaster RTL, they raved about their love, but were rather reserved when it came to the topic of offspring.

“Let’s see,” said first Zverev and then his partner. When the reporter asked whether the busy couple’s schedule even allowed for the topic, both had to laugh. They have already said several times that they often have little time together. In December, Sophia Thomalla said in an interview with “Bild”: “We don’t lead a normal life. We get up very early, travel a lot. You don’t have a base to hold on to. Accordingly, we don’t have any holidays, we are there mostly in hotels.” She was mysterious to RTL: “We’ll see what time brings.”

Zverev emphasized that everything was fine between them: “We’ve been together for almost three years now. Everything is wonderful, everything is going well. We’re happy that we’re together.” Many critics did not believe that the couple had a long half-life given their previous changing partners. However, that leaves Thomalla cold: “I don’t think anything of it. It doesn’t really matter to me and it was clear to me from the start that people are suspicious. Even if it had only lasted a month, it wouldn’t have mattered to me.”

The tennis player and the presenter made their relationship public in October 2021. In December of that year they celebrated their first official appearance as a couple on “Ein Herz für Kinder”. In contrast to Thomalla, the athlete already has a child. His daughter Mayla, who was born in spring 2021, comes from his relationship with model Brenda Patea (30). The two separated before the birth.