All 26 participants in the Eurovision Song Contest final in Malmö today in the starting order with artist, title and short commentary.

01 Sweden


02 Ukraine

Alyona Alyona

03 Germany

Isaak (“Always on the Run”) – a power ballad with a powerful sound and a rough voice that also has quiet moments. Lots of fire on stage.

04 Luxemburg

Tali (“Fighter”) – The singer with the thick braids starts in French, then also sings in English and proves that the great Grand Prix nation of Luxembourg can still do ESC perfectly after a decade-long break.

05 Netherlands (no vote possible)

Empty start number – the end for the Netherlands before the start. The country was excluded from the competition due to an incident involving singer Joost Klein. It is not possible to vote for starting number 5. All other entries keep their start numbers. According to plan, Joost Klein should have represented the country with “Europape”.

06 Israel

Eden Golan (“Hurricane”) – the contribution that caused the most stir. After changes to the text, the ballad no longer reminds us of the Hamas attack. However, the dancers’ evening gowns and clothing evoke associations with bandages and injuries.

07 Lithuania

New Year’s Belt (“Luktelk”) – the song in Lithuanian has a catchy beat. The electro-pop song could be heard in any club – but it is also quite interchangeable.

08 Spain

Nebulossa (“Zorra”) – a singer who is reminiscent of Donatella Versace, sings a party hit with burlesque (since they are young men, better: boylesque) interludes. Wonderfully trashy, glamorous and almost like something out of a drag queen show.

09 Estonia

5 Minus

10 Ireland

Bambie Thug (“Doomsday Blue”) – the song is a mix of chanting, hard electronic sounds and a gentle ballad. The show plays with horror and occult rituals. Bambie Thug is non-binary, meaning she doesn’t see herself as either a woman or a man.

11 Latvia

Dons (“Hollow) – the Latvian belts out a ballad with a powerful voice. But the whole thing ends up sounding pretty bland.

12 Greece

Marina Satti (“Zari”) – hardly any act brings such a high vocal range to the ESC stage as Marina Satti. Their genre can perhaps be described as ethno-electronic.

13 United Kingdom/Great Britain

Olly Alexander (“Dizzy”) – dance pop song by the openly gay frontman of the band Years

14 Norway

Gåte (“Ulveham”) – Folk-rock song in Norwegian that many will be glad when it’s over.

15 Italy

Angelina Mango (“La noia”) – The cumbia pop number is about dealing with boredom and difficult hours, which you can dance away and emerge stronger from – it’s supposed to be a song about Generation Z.

16 Serbia

Teya Dora (“Ramonda”) – an emotional ballad about helplessness and loneliness sung in Serbian.

17 Finland

Windows95man (“No Rules!”) – many big events have a “speedster” who runs naked through the picture. Here he is on stage. Without underwear, as you believe. Thanks to clever camera work, you don’t realize until late that he’s wearing a bit of clothes. The synthesizer music almost doesn’t matter.

18 Portugal

Iolanda (“Grito”) – a charming performance in Portuguese, one of the rare calm ballads. Nevertheless, the bookmakers see this song as far behind.

19 Armenia

Ladaniva (“Jako”) – the band, which has the name of a Soviet off-road vehicle, conjures up some folklore on stage. The singer with long braids sings pure ethno-pop.

20 Cyprus

Silia Kapsis (“Liar”) – a pop song with a catchy beat, but nothing that particularly sticks in your ear.

21 Switzerland

Nemo (“The Code”) – The song is a wild genre mix of pop, rap, opera, drum ‘n’ bass and James Bond song. Nemo identifies as non-binary (“I don’t feel like a man or a woman”) and is expected in the top field.

22 Slovenia

Raiven (“Veronika”) – a Slovenian-language song. It’s about a noblewoman who was wrongly accused of witchcraft. A lot of skin can be seen on stage, elements from pop and opera determine the sound.

23 Croatia

Baby Lasagna (“Rim Tim Tagi Dim”) – as an ESC favorite, the song guarantees wild celebration with a stage show including colorful animal projections. The beat hits from the first second and invites you to headbang. The song title is just as crazy as the singer in Balkan costume.

24 Georgia

Nutsa Buzaladze (“Firefighter”) – if this screaming number gets too hot, then according to the title the fire department will be right there. Dancers in a flutter look support the singer in a golden dress, who seems to be giving her all.

25 France

Slimane (“Mon Amour”) – The singer flirts with the camera and delivers a pretty powerful ballad. His a capella part without a hand mic gave the audience goosebumps during the semi-finals as they sang along.

26 Austria

Kaleen (“We will rave”) – The 90s have called and want their Eurodance hit in the style of DJ Bobo back. Some hear echoes of “Moonlight Shadow” by Mike Oldfield and Maggie Reilly.