In an interview with “Gala” magazine, Simone Ballack (48) spoke about her grief for her son Emilio, who died in a quad bike accident in Portugal in August 2021 at the age of just 18. “I try to extract as many positive things as possible for myself and my family every day and to always try new things,” explained Michael Ballack’s ex-wife (47).

She further added: “Under no circumstances should we stand still. Things must always go on.” In her opinion, constantly setting new tasks is “the best medicine against grief,” said Ballack, who can be seen in Ralph Siegel’s (78) musical “A Little Peace – Summer of Love” at the Deutsches Theater in Munich from the beginning of May becomes. It is also important “not to let anyone tell you how to live,” explained the 48-year-old, who has two other sons with her ex-husband Michael Ballack – Jordi (19) and Louis (22).

Simone Ballack repeatedly reminds us of her son on social media. “Happy birthday to heaven, Emilio. Miss you so much,” she wrote in an Instagram post in September 2023, which also shows two photos of Emilio as children. One of them shows Simone with her children in traditional costume at the Oktoberfest, the other shows Emilio as a baby in her arms.

“How are you supposed to endure such days? I don’t know… Everything goes on… with or without us! Whether you laugh or cry – nothing feels right. Today you would have been 21 years old…” , she explained further. She tries to be grateful “for the good things in my life, but it doesn’t always work,” Simone Ballack’s post ended.

The 48-year-old also dedicates the “Emilio’s Ugly Christmas Party” to her son every year before Christmas Eve. “We talk often and a lot about Emilio – that’s how it should be,” she said in an RTL interview in December 2023. “I put up special pictures from the last party where he was there. That was our family tradition. It still is – just now without him. But he’s always there somehow.”