Princess Kate and Prince William’s official channel is followed by 15.9 million people on Instagram. So the two have a powerful reach. But they don’t just take place on social media: When Kensington Palace released the video in which Kate announced her cancer diagnosis, news portals around the world reported on it. It showed what an immense impact a message from someone like her can have.

In emotional words, the Princess of Wales said in the video that she had to undergo chemotherapy and how she told her children about it: “I told them that I was fine and getting stronger every day.” And she encouraged other affected people: “Please don’t lose faith or hope. You are not alone.”

Since then, there has been a “Kate effect,” as the British media calls it, in the United Kingdom – and it was directly measurable. For example, the “Daily Mail” reports that visits to English NHS (National Health Service) pages that provide information about cancer have increased by several hundred percent. Websites of cancer foundations and research institutes also suddenly had significantly more access than usual.

Gemma Peters, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, said Kate’s words were important to those affected: “We hear every day from people who are worried about how cancer will affect their loved ones and how they will cope can best support each other,” says Peters. “With her message, the Princess of Wales has raised awareness of these concerns and will help encourage others who are worried to visit their GP and seek support.”

Talking about cancer could “save lives,” said NHS doctor Peter Johnson. “A cancer diagnosis turns your whole life upside down and it can be very difficult to talk about. The Princess of Wales’ courage to talk about her diagnosis will help others to do the same. Thanks to her we have had an increase in visitor numbers listed in the important information about signs and symptoms on our website.”

The parents of the late cancer activist Deborah James also commented positively on Kate’s video. Kate encourages anyone “living with possible symptoms of cancer to seek medical help.” There is often talk of the great influence that prominent people can have. When they express themselves or take a political position – but also when it comes to issues such as health. Princess Kate is the best example.

Quellen: “Daily Mail” / “The Sun” / “Mirror”

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