If you’re feeling the urge to cut your hair right now, you’re not alone. Short hairstyles are currently more popular than ever. Above all, the hairstyle classic bob in the most diverse variants. These three bob haircuts are particularly popular in 2023.

More volume for thin hair: With the box bob, this wish is no longer a dream. This bob hairstyle comes in a very compact and square shape. The cut of the box bob is characterized by rather blunt lines of equal length. The difference in length from front to back is minimal and almost imperceptible. Minimal levels at the nape of the neck make the hairstyle more voluminous and give the hair more fullness. A prominent fan of box bobs is Hailey Bieber (26). Sometimes she wears the bob cut straight and smooth, sometimes with gentle waves.

La Dolce Vita is making its way into hairstyle trends: the Italian bob is also at the top of the short hair trends at the moment. The special feature of this haircut: It is cut less accurately than a conventional bob, the tips are slightly frayed and the top hair falls in subtle steps. The Italian bob looks particularly casual and elegant with an extra deep side parting. This makes the hair fall more voluminous. It is important that the look looks as if you just ran your fingers through your hair. Fans of the hairstyle that looks like a vacation in Italy are model Elsa Hosk (34) and actress Lucy Hale (34).

The 90s also ruled the short hairstyle trends: the chic supermodel bob is back in fashion. The basis of the hairstyle is a bob cut that is approximately chin length. The supermodel bob is characterized by its incredible volume created by the nineties blow-out look. To do this, blow-dry the bob strand by strand over a large round brush to give the hair the necessary momentum and thereby style big curls. The hairstyle can be styled even better if you generously distribute hair mousse in wet hair beforehand. Actress and singer Zendaya (26) is a fan of the 90s look.