The problem is not new, as glasses fog up whenever warm air meets cold air: i.e. when you do sports and sweat, drink or prepare something warm, unload the dishwasher or get on the tram or bus in winter . As a rule, the condensed water on the lenses disappears after a short time and you have a clear view again. However, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can use an anti-fog spray for your glasses. Read here what it is and how it works.

As you can imagine, anti-fog spray is designed to ensure that you always have a clear view. This is possible by first cleaning your glasses (or sunglasses) thoroughly and then applying the spray to both sides. And distribute evenly with a fine microfiber cloth. This creates a thin, transparent film on the glasses so that no more water droplets can condense on them. In plain language this means: your glasses will no longer fog up. However, depending on the manufacturer, this condition only lasts for 24 to a maximum of 72 hours. Then you need to reapply the anti-fog spray for the glasses. Alternatively, there are also reusable anti-fog cloths that are intended to achieve a similar effect.

In addition to the anti-fog spray for glasses, there are other tips to help prevent your lenses from fogging up as quickly when wearing a respirator:

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