The format is simple, but still ingenious: In “7 vs. Wild”, seven candidates are left completely isolated in the wilderness and have to fight for their own survival for seven days. The only thing that helps them: Seven pre-selected items and the clothes they are wearing at the time the show starts. Whoever perseveres to the end and collects the most points in various challenges wins the title and prize money of 10,000 euros.

With an average of five million views per episode, episodes of “7 vs. Wild” have viewer ratings that rival the ratings of hit TV shows. After Meinecke initially surprisingly announced after the end of the second season that there would be no more seasons of the successful YouTube survival format, the 33-year-old is now back with news.

To the delight of all “7 vs. Wild” fans, Meinecke announced in his latest YouTube video that there would be a third season of “7 vs. Wild”. He also reveals that the concept of the show should be changed from the ground up. The format, which was previously played out from Meinecke’s private YouTube account, not only gets its own YouTube channel, but also new rules.

From now on, the candidates should no longer be on their own, but in seven teams, each with two participants. As Meinecke explains, the goal is for the teams to “push each other and take care of each other”. In the course of this, he makes sure that the couples are friends and “go through thick and thin together.” If one partner leaves, the other must inevitably leave the show as well.

The idea behind the team concept: Meinecke hopes that the participants will be less likely to leave the show early as a team. In emergency situations, one person can always provide medical or psychological assistance, says Meinecke. As an example of early exits, he cites Twitch streamer Starletnova, who was the first to leave the show in the second season because she couldn’t cope with the isolation.

“I have a bit of the feeling that all the exits that have happened so far would not have happened or would have happened much later if the whole thing had been two people, i.e. a team edition,” explains Meinecke in the video. The survival expert is particularly excited about the dynamics that can develop in the team. “How do the two people get along? Do they outgrow themselves? Do they argue? Are there conflicts or possible divisions of labor? Are completely different projects possible together that can be implemented?”

If the candidates for two may have an advantage over the participants of the previous seasons in the future, they will have to endure it much longer in the wilderness: As Meinecke announces, the next participants will spend 14 instead of just seven days in the wilderness – in this one Year probably in Canada or Alaska. However, the logistics have not yet been fully clarified, he says. “Of course it’s also about the infrastructure with the organizational team, with the rescue chains, are there helicopters on site or boats? What are the possibilities? Wildlife?”

The YouTuber finally drops the bomb: “We have decided to abolish the daily challenges. In the end there is only one big challenge and that is: Survive. Get along outside in the wilderness for 14 days,” he says. He knew that this new regulation could “split the community”, but ultimately decided against the challenges because they “always cost a lot of time, energy and everything possible”. In the future, the focus should instead be placed on surviving in nature.

That’s the only way the participants can concentrate on “the real projects out there,” explains Meinecke. They should “not only become active to get points”, but to actually survive – be it the construction of shelters or the search for food and water. “The question is: If all the challenges and the energy for it are gone – what does a two-man team get out there that secures or prolongs survival?” says Meinecke. There will also be no winner in the third season. If there is no distribution of points, it is impossible to choose a winner.

Despite the changes, most fans have been enthusiastic about the announcements so far. In the comments under Meinecke’s YouTube video, they discuss which team constellations would be the most exciting.