Stumbling quicksteps, too fast slow waltzes and the obligatory barefoot contemporary in an open linen shirt – yes, “Let’s Dance” is back! For the 16th time, celebrities want to put their dancing skills to the test and cause their professional dance partners as little physical and mental pain as possible. In issue one, the 14 dancing couples found each other. A star was able to inspire and secure the free ticket for episode two. And despite puppy protection, the first potential problem children of the season were identified by Joachim Llambi (58), Motsi Mabuse (41) and Jorge González (55).

The self-titled “Moroccan gazelle” aka comedian Abdelkarim (41) resembled a dancing wild accident, at least in the introductory edition. Influencer Julia Beautx (23) will not be booked for a dance testimonial for the time being. And creative content creator Younes Zarou (25) created very creative dance steps far from the beat.

Ex-Bachelorette Sharon Battiste (31), on the other hand, who was one of the first celebrity women to take to the floor, was also one of the first to receive extra praise from the three jury members – even from quota curmudgeon Llambi. Same game with actress Chryssanthi Kavazi (34), who, like Battiste, scored 19 points in her “Let’s Dance” premiere.

This season’s chick is 22-year-old model and daughter of Boris Becker Anna Ermakova. She and model colleague Alex Mariah Peter (25) and singer/songwriter Natalia Yegorova (formerly Klitschko, 48) were given the thankless role of appearing after the guest appearance of last year’s winner René Casselly (26). The artist once again showed, together with Kathrin Menzinger (34), how high the bar can actually be in the entertainment show.

Nevertheless, the trio shone in general and baby Ermakova in particular. She received an exuberant “very neat” from Llambi and the highest rating of the evening – 23 points. Only she managed to jump the 20-point mark of the jury in the introductory show. The direct ticket for the next edition, which protects against elimination, also went to her.

By the way, professional Renata Lusin (35) has to pause this season for the best possible reasons – she is expecting a child! In her place, Malika Dzumaev (31) will dance.

The first tentative conclusion is: In this season, the really big outliers up and down seem to be missing. All participants ended up in double digits. However, the 14 celebrities were still miles away from the 30 maximum points.