Year after year, students work up a sweat: the Abitur exams are coming up, and with them the highest qualification in school education – and for many young people the springboard to study and working life.

Even if the exam tasks are tough: around half of high school graduates pass the Abitur. Depending on the chosen performance and examination subjects, the composition of the questions and the distribution of points looks different. Whether math, German, physics, English or history: the tasks usually consist of much more than short questions and ready-made answer options. But how can Abitur questions be implemented in a quiz format like this?

In our quiz we ask about knowledge that high school graduates also need to have in mind. They are not 1:1 the real Abitur questions, because they usually use operators such as “explain”, “justify”, “discuss” or “explain”. It often takes several hours to complete just a few tasks.

Not all federal states provide the old tasks; in Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, login data that the respective school provides is required. In Berlin and Brandenburg you can only find the mathematics tasks online. “The tasks for the other examination subjects will not be published due to copyright issues,” it says on the education server.

Federal states such as Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Hamburg are more willing to provide information. That’s why our quiz mainly contains tasks from these parts of the country.

Our quiz questions are based on the subject areas of the exams and at the end of each question you will also find out what the students’ task was.

Feel free to send the quiz to your former classmates or roommates. So you can turn it into a little competition. Do your results match your final grades at the time?

We look forward to hearing about your quiz experience and wish you much success!

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