The former “Good Times, Bad Times” actress Saskia Valencia (58) and her ex-partner and colleague Thorsten Nindel (58) are still very close today. From 2011 to 2016 she was in a relationship with the actor, who will remain “always a madly loved one” for her. She said that in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”. They are no longer a couple today, but it would “still be a relationship somehow”: the deepest friendship that you could imagine.

When she gets to know other men, they get big question marks in her eyes, because: “I don’t exist without him.” Nindel will always remain in her life. However, the relationship with another ex-boyfriend doesn’t put Valencia in such a good light. “The relationship with Helmut Zierl cost me a lot of energy and time – and I really could have given it to myself,” says the actress.

Zierl (68) and Valencia were a couple for around ten years and separated in 2011. “I came out of marriage with Nicolas and wanted to do everything right in the new relationship. If I had had more foresight then – I would have had this relationship much earlier ended,” said the TV star. In 1987 she married the Colombian civil engineer Nicol├ís Valencia, whose surname she kept even after their separation in 1999.

But will she soon be breaking new ground in love? She is thinking about getting married to another woman: “I have a girlfriend – a woman Dr. Dr. – who really wants to marry me.” She doesn’t necessarily want a lesbian relationship herself, but in between she’s thought: “Why not?” “I just haven’t married her yet because her financial circumstances are a bit too opaque for me. I don’t want to fall for that again,” says the actress. In the end, however, she has to be honest: “I really like men.”

When asked if she would like someone to love in later years, Valencia explains: “No, something has to happen before that.” “Something has to go on” before the time comes for her to be lovingly hugged.

She couldn’t be with a man who didn’t arouse her eroticism: “I’d rather have a lot of tenderness with my grandchildren.” She doesn’t lack applicants either, but she does have certain requirements. Who would her type be? “Richard David Precht, our well-known philosopher. I think he looks pretty good,” says Valencia. However, she knew that in her living room she would think about him: “Oh my God, boy, you think you’re really horny too, don’t you?” Any erotic appeal would be lost. Men who are so full of themselves find them unsexy.