Christmas is just around the corner in just a few weeks and the first Christmas series and films won’t be long in coming. As Disney has now announced, “Santa Clause: The Series” will return to the streaming service with a second season in November. The series premieres with the first two episodes on November 8th, after which new episodes will be released every Wednesday.

Tim Allen (70), who also works as a producer, is back as Scott Calvin. Calvin returns to the North Pole with his family in the second season and, after the failed search for a worthy successor, takes on the role of Santa Claus again. He is now preparing his son Cal (Austin Kane, 20) to follow in his footsteps.

In addition to Tim Allen and Austin Kane, Elizabeth Mitchell (53) stars as Carol/Mrs. Claus, Tim Allen’s daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick (14) as Sandra Calvin Claus, Devin Bright (15) as Noel, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias (47) as Kris Kringle and Eric Stonestreet (52) as Magnus Antas are back in season two see. Matilda Lawler (15) takes on the role of Santa Claus’ boss Betty again. New additions include Marta Kessler (14) as Olga, Liam Kyle (50) as Gary, Isabella Bennett (36) as Edie, Sasha Knight (12) as Crouton, Ruby Jay (18) as Riley, Mia Lynn Bangunan ( 14) as Pontoon and Laura San Giacomo (60) as La Befana, the Christmas witch.