The “Bachelor in Paradise” couple Samira (29) and Serkan Yavuz (30) are expecting offspring again. Samira announced this via Instagram. In a corresponding Instagram story on Friday afternoon, she proudly presented her already clearly visible baby bump and wrote: “It’s unbelievable how long I kept the secret to myself.” She had the desire not to announce her pregnancy immediately: “But now it feels right and I don’t want to hide it anymore.”

In another post, in which Samira also shows off her baby bump, the two hint that their second child was conceived in Mykonos. There Serkan proposed to her in August 2023. Just a few days later, the two announced that they had already married. “It wasn’t just the engagement in Mykonos. We took the memory with us into the future – baby number two,” both Samira and Serkan wrote on their Instagram profiles about some of their pictures and videos.

The reality TV couple met and fell in love on the RTL show “Bachelor in Paradise” in 2021. Their daughter Sky Sya was born in May 2022. This year the two took part in the “Sommerhaus der Stars” and were even able to win the RTL show as a replacement couple. At that time, Samira said in front of the cameras that she couldn’t actually imagine having a second child. Apparently she’s changed her mind.