Kim Kardashian (42) has once again managed to win a big name for her fashion brand. This time “Sex and the City” star Kim Cattrall (67) was available for a shoot. “Everyone is wearing skims! I had an amazing time styling myself for this campaign,” the actress explained in an Instagram post showing a picture from the shoot.

Kim Cattrall poses seductively with her legs crossed on a table in a black bodysuit. “Iconic! You look absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!” Kim Kardashian captioned the photo. Another image by photographer Vanessa Beecroft shows Cattrall in a black lounge dress, also with disheveled hair and this time lying on her side on the table.

Kim Kardashian posted a clip from the campaign in which, alongside Cattrall, singer Nelly Furtado (44) can also be seen. “How I feel about Skims? Oh, you’d like to know that, wouldn’t you?” Cattrall explains, winking at the camera with a smile before admitting: “F***ing fabulous.” Many “Sex and the City” fans are immediately reminded of her series role Samantha Jones when Cattrall’s appearance, as can be read in many comments under the clip.

The second season of the “SATC” spin-off “And Just like That…” came to an end in August. In the season finale there was a reunion with Samantha Jones – albeit a very short one. In the episode, Kim Cattrall’s “Sex and the City” cult role calls Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, 58) in a car. She actually wanted to go to New York to attend Carrie’s last dinner in her old apartment. But the flight is delayed and Samantha says goodbye to Carrie’s legendary apartment on the phone. The guest appearance lasted just 71 seconds.