The confetti cannons did their job at Let’s Dance, the jury had dressed up, especially Jorge with his silver shaking hair, but there was such a diffuse seriousness in the room – especially with moderator Daniel Hartwich. He finally resolved the reason for his mood shortly before the end of the show. Until then, the 14-strong field of participants put in a lot of effort, but not without first being given the golden show rules: Always listen to Motsi. Always pretending to understand Jorge González. And Joachim Llambi is always right.

The participants: A heterogeneous bunch of Youtubers and influencers, actors, athletes and a few more names that will have to be created in the coming weeks. At the beginning there was a lot of traditional proof of performance. Sharon Battiste has a competent alternating step, Younes Zarou wants to get out of the comfort zone, can do more than just shoot videos – at least he claims – and is, as Llambi quotes it, “already out of step after five steps”. Meanwhile, Julia Beautx shows in her video channel how eggs are boiled, Daniel Hartwich is “dressed like a tax consultant” (again quoted by Llambi) and Jens Knossalla, whom everyone calls Knossi, classifies his dance style as “the nodding dachshund type”.

As a spectator, it was important to have a lot of stamina, or rather, stamina: At the end of the show, the timeline showed almost three and a half hours of broadcasting time. In the context of this, however, there were sufficient show values ​​that prevented the nod. Actress Chryssanthi Kavazi, for example, who announced that she would say “shit” more often on the show. Comedian Abdelkarim, who has mastered magic tricks for children’s birthday parties and can speak short words backwards, but – original sound, you guessed it, exactly: Mr. Llambi again – is dancing in the “Sleeping Car Department”.

On the other hand, ex-gymnast Philip Boy, who is up to temperature within three or four steps, is extremely bright, Mimi Kraus, the handball world champion, and his bromance counterpart Timon Krause, who also deliver solidly, with the latter, a mental magician, for fat cheeks caused: The man could accurately predict that Daniel Hartwich would bring him together with Ekaterina Leonova as a dance partner, all with just a small foot movement of the moderator. Crazy, this mentalism.

In general, mentally and so – one who is genetically quite well prepared goes by the name of Anna Ermakova, and anyone who has followed the career of the 22-year-old from an ironic distance in recent years had to close their eyes that evening rub. Just as her father Boris Becker once made Wimbledon’s Center Court his own living room, his daughter swam through the RTL studio as if it were her own living room. It is only logical that she received the wildcard, with which nothing can happen to her in the next show, in which a dancer has already had to give up the sails, keyword freedom of fools, the close relatives also have a lot to offer there .

The number with the wildcard, the direct ticket, was the only competitive situation. Although Jorge, Motsi and Llambi duly graded the group dances with wooden tablets, the first round-up was above all a warm-up and of course the basis for the allocation of the dance couples, which ended up looking like this:

Shortly before the end of the first show, which offered a “bombastic atmosphere” (Motsi), in which everyone “had the Schahnz ham, better” (Jorge), while consistently “causing a lot of joy” (Llambi), Daniel Hartwichs found the right words . The moderator reminded of Tim Lobinger. The successful pole vaulter had succumbed to cancer two days earlier at the age of 50. In 2011, Lobinger danced with Isabel Edvardsson as part of the 4th season of “Let’s Dance” and took 9th place. Conclusion: A lively start with a serious undertone.