What’s next for Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer? That is the key question of the new episode of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” on Wednesday on RTL (also in the stream on RTL). After Eric Sindermann and Katha Hambuechen moved out, the “Bauer sucht Frau” stars emerged as the most problematic couple. Or Patrick alone, who constantly complained about his partner.

In the first game, the pawn is pretty tame – at least by his standards. The pairs have to maneuver various objects onto a raised platform in pairs. Whether it’s a clothes rack, beer bench or even a washing machine: the stars aren’t allowed to use their hands. The pair that ends up amassing the most weight wins.

Once again, Patrick and Antonia prevail. In spite of, or rather because of, Patrick’s relative reticence when it comes to discipline. He and Antonia are safe again. The atmosphere between the two is still bad. Annoyed, Antonia fends off his advances.

Stephen Dürr and his wife Katharina Dürr finished second in the game. Though there’s nothing to gain for it, Stephen walks around with his chest puffed out with pride. He tells everyone who doesn’t want to hear it about his pride. In general, Stephen is the new bogeyman in the summer house after Eric left. It’s not so much his old nemesis Mario Basler who is annoyed by the “Unter Uns” star. Christina Grass in particular is irritated by Stephen’s humor, his “stupid sayings” and his alleged arrogance. “Our jargon is too vulgar for that,” philosophizes the influencer. “He thinks we’re underexposed,” adds Doris Büld.

A shock bursts into the already irritable mood, which is characterized by cabin fever. A new pair arrives. Diogo Sangre and Vanessa Mariposa come in to replace Eric and Katha. “It’s mean, we’re all screwed,” complains Katharina Dürr. “If they win in the end, that would just be unfair.” Katharina bursts into tears, she doesn’t feel like it anymore.

Diogo and Vanessa are met with skepticism by established residents not only because they are rested competitors. Since the two met on the chav dating show Are You The One, their reputation has already been ruined. “He was on ‘Temptation Island’ now,” Mario knows about Diogo. “He ***ed her on the first day,” adds Katharina Dürr. “It doesn’t get any better here in terms of level,” says Doris.

Diogo and Vanessa live up to their reputations straight away. After their first game, they shower together – naked. Suspicious noises come from the cabin, and even more suspicious movements can be seen through the semi-transparent shower curtain. The other couples don’t seem to have noticed.

In the game just before, Vanessa and Diogo successfully fight against their reputation. The couples must memorize a dialogue and recite it correctly. However, under difficult conditions. The participants get a bizarre plastic mouth wedged into the real one, which makes articulate speech impossible. They are also tied to a rubber band and have to walk towards each other before the dialogue begins. Although Diogo had previously been labeled “not the brightest candle on the cake” in the house, he and Vanessa are convincing. You win the game. Then there is the victory celebration in the shower.

Stephen Dürr of all people, who as a soap actor has to learn texts in chords, fails at the game. However, he does not want to admit that. He claims he didn’t want to win the game and just wanted to have fun. It doesn’t make him any more popular in the house. Patrick teases constantly. He can’t understand why the actor did so badly.