The story has recently had the tabloid media in suspense: Christina Block, Streakhaus heiress and partner of sports presenter Gerhard Delling, has accused her ex-husband Stephan Hensel of kidnapping two of their four children and keeping them in Denmark for more than a year.

The preliminary low point of a relationship that began as a great love story: in 2005, Christina Block and the bank clerk Stephan Hensel married in Hamburg. Local media spoke of a “fairytale wedding”. The marriage produced four children: the three daughters Johanna, 16, Greta, 14, Klara, 12 and son Theo, 8. But the love didn’t last, and the marriage was divorced in 2015. The parents shared custody, the children lived with the mother in Hamburg.

In July 2021, the eldest daughter Johanna expressed the desire to move in with her father, who now lived in Denmark with a new partner. A month later, Stephan Hensel did not bring the two youngest children Theo and Klara back to their mother after the holidays on Sylt. Christina Block filed a complaint for child abduction, but because children told the officers over the phone that they wanted to stay with their father, the police referred Christina Block to the family court.

Block hasn’t seen her children for 14 months. Last week, the heiress to the “Block House” chain traveled to Gravenstein in southern Denmark with six bodyguards to see their children. The bodyguards were arrested there.

Stephan Hensel went on the offensive for his part and accused his ex-wife of being mentally and physically violent towards her offspring. The TV magazine “Gala” has now visited Hensel and the children in Denmark. In front of the camera, the man repeats his allegations: Block regularly hit the children. He also speaks of “constant shouting” that the mother had also neglected her children.

Block denies all allegations. Hensel has been making such allegations for years, and the youth welfare office has never found anything about neglect or violence. The Higher Regional Court in Hamburg decided in 2021 that Hensel had to hand over the children. The Danish state, in turn, protects the father and his children.

“Gala” reporter Jessica Sander made an impression on site. She describes the atmosphere in the family as “harmonious” and speaks of a “positive impression”.

You can watch the program “Gala” on RTL