Anna Ermakova, daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker (55), got off to a perfect start on the dance show “Let’s Dance”. In the start of the 16th season, the 22-year-old showed a slow waltz full of elegance – which was extremely well received by the jury.

The viewers in front of the TV were obviously impressed by the model’s appearance. The reward: After counting all the votes, Ermakova received the so-called direct ticket. She can now look forward to the next “Let’s Dance” episode with ease. Because of the wild card, she cannot be eliminated there – even if she should slip on the floor.

Even the otherwise extremely strict adjudicator Joachim Llambi was full of praise for the 22-year-old. “You had a very nice stride. You stood really well in your arms,” ​​analyzed the juror expertly. “Anna was very strong today.”

The opening broadcast is considered a yardstick

The model, who lives in London, is visually very similar to her father. Her mother is model Angela Ermakova, who once had a brief affair with Becker. Daughter Anna’s start on “Let’s Dance” was eagerly awaited.

In the show, celebrities dance with professional dancers. No one had to leave the first episode. However, the opening show is the first indicator of who can fight for victory in the coming weeks. The Tiktoker Younes Zarou, for example, got pretty meager ratings (Llambi: “After five bars he was already out of step!”)

In addition, it is traditionally determined at the start who will dance with whom. Anna Ermakova was assigned the experienced and popular professional dancer Valentin Lusin (35). That shouldn’t have reduced her chances of dancing her way into the front row at the show either.