After the jive it’s over: Tiktok star Younes Zarou left the RTL show “Let’s Dance”. The 25-year-old and his dance partner Malika Dzumaev (32) received too few votes from the viewers on Friday evening and are therefore no longer in the next show.

The jury in the Cologne studio had previously classified their performance for “Take on Me” by a-ha in the middle and awarded a total of 19 points.

Juror Jorge Gonzalez praised the influencer’s “good energy” after Zarou’s performance. Joachim Llambi recognized an improvement in performance: “Last week I was a little sad, this week I watched with pleasure,” he said. However, Motsi Mabuse criticized that the couple sometimes danced “on the edge of the beat”.

“It was a very emotional journey,” Zarou said at the end of the show. The motto of the show this time was “80s”: to pop songs from the 80s and in brightly colored costumes, the celebrities fought for the points.

Once again, model Anna Ermakova (22) received great praise from the jury. The daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker danced the first Paso Doble of the season with Valentin Lusin (35). The couple could not get the full number of points this time because the jury complained about minor wobbles. But there was again a lot of enthusiasm for the expression and creativity of the couple.

“Every Friday you come up with these beautiful ideas,” praised juror Gonzalez. In the end, the couple received 28 points – as did actress Sharon Battiste (31, “Köln 50667”) and dance partner Christian Polanc (44), who competed with a cha-cha-cha.

Mentalist Timon Krause (28), who has also had the jury mostly on his side in recent weeks, was also far ahead with a total of 26 points for his rumba with Ekaterina Leonova (35). “It was superbly choreographed,” praised Mabuse.

Actress Chryssanthi Kavazi (“GZSZ”), who danced 19 points this time with her partner Vadim Garbuzov (35), was able to improve. Llambi in particular had always criticized her harshly in the previous weeks. “I even found that I have more points in Flensburg than from Mr. Llambi,” said the 34-year-old before her performance. The strict juror even found a few words of praise for her Viennese waltz. But you still have to work on consistency.

At the end of the show, the traditional “Boys vs. Girls” competition was on the program. For the eighth time, male and female celebrities competed against each other with group choreographies. The decision-making after the duel heated the jury’s spirits: “The boys were a class better,” said Llambi. Whereupon Mabuse replied indignantly: “Never, ever, ever!” The women would have danced cleaner and more delicately.

Since both teams received the same number of jury points in the end, moderator Victoria Swarovski quickly chose all of them as winners. The competition therefore had no influence on the final jury rating. With Zarou’s departure, there are now ten pairs remaining in Season 16.