Former soccer player Rúrik Gíslason (35) is now a member of an Icelandic boy band. This is reported by “”. So now he’s on stage with the IceGuys.

The Icelander already proved two years ago that music is in his blood. In the RTL show “Let’s Dance” he convinced from the first show and finally won with his dance partner Renata Lusin (36). Since then, the former footballer has appeared in numerous programs. In 2022, for example, he took part in “The Masked Singer”, where he took sixth place.

Now he is drawn from television to the stage. But there is also singing and dancing. In the RTL magazine “Gala” he reveals presenter Annika Lau (44) about his new project: “It’s a boy band, a real 90s boy band with dance steps. There are four of the most famous pop stars in Iceland who called me and asked if I want to join them in the boy band.”

The complete show can be seen on RTL on June 24 from 5:45 p.m. “” already published some details about the interview in advance. The “Let’s Dance” winner has already recorded a song with the IceGuys. “It’s called Rúlletta, meaning roulette. It’s about a woman, a beautiful girl. It’s about love. The songs are really 90s.”

After the end of his football career he wanted to have fun and freedom. “And now I have, I’m so happy.” Working with the band helps. They are “a bit of five clowns” and would not take it 100 percent seriously. “I wouldn’t call it a joke, but we’re having fun.” However, more could possibly result from this.