In a dispute with his family, Prince Harry sees the turn of the British royal family. “The ball is in their court,” said the Royal in a clip from an ITV interview published by the channel on Thursday. He hopes his family is willing to sit down and talk about everything. “The door is always open.”

At the same time, according to the Guardian, Harry makes serious allegations in his memoirs, which are due to appear next week. According to the newspaper, which has a copy of the top secret book, the 38-year-old describes, among other things, a physical altercation with his brother William. This is said to have pushed him to the ground.

Harry doesn’t appear to feel guilty about voicing these allegations publicly: “I don’t know how silence is ever going to make things better,” he said in the short clip from ITV, when asked if he was attending his father Charles’ coronation III. attending in May, Harry replied evasively: “A lot can happen before then.”

Two in-depth interviews Harry gave to ITV and CBS will air ahead of the release of his autobiography, Spare, on January 10.