On April 19, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (69) announced that he was running for the 2024 presidential election. The lawyer can count on his wife for his ambitious plans. Actress Cheryl Hines (57) released a statement the same day, including “People” reports: “My husband Robert Kennedy Jr. announced today that he will run for President and I support his decision. He is a fearless leader who understands the needs of the American people and has dedicated his life to the struggle for democracy.”

The attorney is the son of Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968) and nephew of John F. Kennedy (1917-1963). He wants to run for the Democrats and thus succeed incumbent President Joe Biden (80). However, Biden is expected to run for a second term despite his advanced age. There is no official decision yet.

It is not a matter of course that Cheryl Hines stands behind her husband. Because he had repeatedly compared measures against Corona with persecution under National Socialism, she publicly distanced himself from his statements. The ‘Bad Moms 2’ actress tweeted in January 2022, “My husband’s opinions do not reflect my own. While we love each other, we differ on many current issues.” In recent years, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has repeatedly made headlines as a vehement opponent of vaccination.

Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Cheryl Hines have been a couple since 2011 and married since 2014. From his two previous marriages, the lawyer has six children, the actress brought a daughter with him into the relationship.

Two of his ten siblings were more critical of the candidacy than wife Cheryl Hines. For example, his younger sister Kerry Kennedy (63), who founded the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights in 1988, says: “I love my brother Bobby, but I don’t share or endorse his opinions on many issues, including the COVID pandemic, vaccinations and the role of social media platforms in monitoring false information. It is also important to note that Bobby’s views are not reflected in or influence our organization’s mission or work.” Youngest brother Doug Kennedy (56) is a correspondent for the FOX News Channel and says: “Everyone (in the family) loves him and recognizes his talent. Not everyone agrees with his positions.”