“The Geissens – A terribly glamorous family” is back. The 22nd season of the reality format about the Geiss family and their luxury life starts on January 8th (8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei). In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Robert (59) and Carmen Geiss (58) talk about their plans in Dubai, the reunion with Grandma Margret and Grandpa Reinhold as well as arguments in the family and what role their daughters Shania (19) and Davina ( 20) play it.

Robert Geiss: There are still a few. We haven’t really addressed the whole South America issue yet. Now that we are always in Dubai over the winter, we are of course also missing Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. We want to see it live for ourselves and form our opinion about it. This is what we plan to do in the near future.

Robert Geiss: We have been going on vacation to Dubai for 13 years now and have learned to love it. It has to be said clearly that in winter the temperatures are of course absolutely perfect. Not too hot, but not too cold either, you can do anything. If you haven’t been there for six months, there are lots of new things to discover. A new restaurant, bowling alley or golf course is always opening. In this respect, you will never get bored in Dubai and it will continue to grow. That’s what we think is good when you see that there is a new beginning in a country and that you can create something. Of course the Geissens shouldn’t be missing.

Carmen Geiss: We have opened a real estate company in which we accompany our customers from start to finish, that is important to us. We found out firsthand when we bought our penthouse what to expect. We tinkered with it endlessly until we got our visa or driver’s license. There was also the need to register a car, set up a bank account or take out insurance.Robert Geiss: When you buy property, it’s not like in a hotel where you check in and automatically have internet. No, you first have to buy and apply for internet somewhere. You have to buy a cell phone with a SIM card and much more. What we were missing back then was that there were people or agencies that offered an all-round, worry-free package. And that is exactly what we plan to do with our company now. We’ll just see if the children have fun with it, then they can follow in our footsteps at some point. The market in Dubai is still on the rise and is developing in an absolute whirlwind upwards. This is the right time to do real estate.Carmen Geiss: I really hope that the two of them continue to grow into the real estate business and the company. They should accompany the whole thing primarily in Monaco, where they spend the most time.

Carmen Geiss: Shania still enjoys being artistic and most recently designed an egg cooker, no joke (laughs). It turned out really nice.Robert Geiss: Davina continues to work on her new textile collection with Roberto Geissini, she really enjoys it and she now sees the success, that the whole thing works and that she can sell. The most important driving force for us is simply success. The children have to learn that first. Now that I’m 19 and 20 years old, this is slowly happening. My father always said back then that you have to taste blood and once you have that, then you run after success like a dog after a sausage.

Robert Geiss: We bought a piece of land in St. Tropez on which we are building a new villa. It made sense to take another trip to Spain to visit them and buy one thing or another. We then did a farewell tour on the Indigo Star in the Mediterranean. On the way we bought three trucks full of plants for the new property, drove on via France and Italy, where the boat was loaded and has now set up in Dubai.

Robert Geiss: It’s good to see that he’s always in action. Every day he rides his bike around his favorite mountain and stays fit. He has more power than some 40-year-olds. Of course, we wish him that he continues to be on the road like this for many more years.Carmen Geiss: But the friction between my father-in-law and I will continue in the new season (laughs).Robert Geiss: That’s generational, everyone knows that. When the family gets together, you realize that everyone has their own opinion and their own ideas about certain things. Then things can ignite and become violent. As long as you dose the time together well, it works.

Robert Geiss: Absolutely. They have fewer points of friction than we do because the generation is so far away that grandma and grandpa can’t even deal with what the children are saying. When they talk about the next reel and the next story. My mother can barely turn on a cell phone, but can’t use it properly. My father is at least a little fitter, he deals with things and also has Instagram himself.