Rihanna (36) has been mother to her two sons Riot Rose (7 months) and RZA (1) since last year. However, planning children with her partner US rapper A$AP Rocky (35) does not seem to be finished yet. In a conversation with “Interview” magazine, whose new cover she also graces, the singer revealed that she is open to having more children, and as many “as God wants.”

Rihanna also said she couldn’t believe that she had “two babies.” Her relationship with the US rapper quickly became close due to the corona pandemic. The two have officially been a couple since May 2021. “Covid accelerated our relationship and I felt like God knew we needed this because we wanted to start a family,” Rihanna said. “Without Covid, we would have needed a lot more time to get used to each other and even know that we were ready.”

Having two sons now is “the best thing that has ever happened to us,” says the proud mother. The singer also always knew that A$AP Rocky “would be a great father.” In her previous relationships, including with Chris Brown (34), she always felt like she wasn’t enough. “So when someone sees you as perfect, believes in you and thinks that you’re worthy of being the mother of their children, that’s a great feeling. I felt the same way with him,” the entrepreneur enthuses about her boyfriend. Then why not have more offspring?

If Rihanna had her way, she would “decide on having more than two children,” she says today. “I would try for a girl.”

For the cover shoot, Rihanna dressed up in a provocative nun costume. The singer wore a nun’s hood on her head with black trousers and a wide unbuttoned white blouse. She also got elaborate Y2K make-up with thin eyebrows, blue eyeshadow and bright red lips. The singer struck a sexy pose for the photo.