It has been scientifically proven that painting has a positive effect on our brain: while we devote ourselves to the creative process, the body eliminates stress hormones. As a result, we subconsciously relax as we swing the brush. But what if you have no talent for drawing or painting? Not everyone has a creative streak and can easily create new images. For that case, there is paint by numbers for adults. We reveal exactly what that is and why such a hobby is not only suitable for children.

The good thing about painting by numbers is that you don’t have to think of a motif – instead you order a picture of your choice and only color the marked areas. And so that the result is also successful, there is a number in each field that stands for a specific color. It sounds fun, but it’s not: Depending on how large or detailed a subject is, coloring in can take several days or even weeks. Depending on how much time you devote to the hobby. More importantly, as you focus on the numbers and brush across the squares, your body relaxes and relieves stress. You recharge your batteries, escape from everyday life and, last but not least, have also created something creative: When the picture is finished, you not only enjoy the sense of achievement, but you also own a creative mural for your home. And that’s a good feeling.

1. “Starry Night” by van Gogh

It is one of the most famous pictures that Vincent van Gogh ever painted: The famous Starry Night was created in 1889 and is considered a pioneer of early Expressionism. With this template for adults, you can trace the motif in detail and breathe new life into the artwork. The acrylic paints supplied give the painting a real structure, making it appear more colorful and three-dimensional than a poster on the wall.

2. Kitchen herbs (Quattro)

This set contains various garden herbs: Basil, rosemary, sage and parsley are given a Mediterranean touch by painting by numbers and are ideal as kitchen paintings when completed. The so-called Quattro is delivered in four parts, so that the “work” can also be shared. Be it with the better half, a child – or you simply color in all the fields yourself.

3.Star Wars: Darth Vader

Anyone who thinks painting by numbers for adults is just a romantic hobby is wrong. In fact, there are a variety of creative motifs from the science fiction cosmos. And of course one saga should not be missing: Star Wars. Whether Darth Vader or Master Yoda, Chewbacca or Stormtrooper – with or without a frame – at Shukqueen you will find a large selection of colorful motifs with characters from the legendary star warrior universe.

4. New York (Polyptychon)

The term polyptych hides a painting that consists of several parts – in this case there are five different ones: two measuring 26 x 48 centimeters, two measuring 26 x 60 centimeters and one measuring 26 x 72 centimeters. Put together they form the New York skyline with the Big Apple and the Brooklyn Bridge in the early morning hours. The scope of delivery includes brushes and water-based acrylic paints, a control sheet and instructions.

5. “Mario and Cop” von Banksy

Another famous (street) artist is Banksy, who achieved cult status worldwide with his creative and profound stencil graffiti. His famous motifs include “Mario and Cop”, which even made it onto a paint-by-numbers picture for adults. The work can be found on a non-woven canvas stretched over a wooden frame – this makes the finished motif even more effective.

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