Since 2013 and almost every year, provincial policeman Franz Eberhofer (Sebastian Bezzel, 52) has been greeting as a screen hero from German cinemas. Nine of the famous Rita Falk novels with culinary neologisms as titles have since been filmed and have been extremely successful – it all started ten years ago with “Dampfnudelblues”. However, the author is very bothered by the latest adaptation: In an interview with “Spiegel”, Falk described “Rehragout-Rendezvous”, which has been in cinemas since August 10, as “incredibly flat, trashy, even ordinary in places”.

In the person of the CEO Martin Moszkowicz (65), the producing company Constantin Film AG has meanwhile reacted to the strong criticism of the writer. He finds the current uproar “regrettable because we have been working together respectfully and trustingly for over ten years,” Moszkowicz told dpa. He affirms: “The entire team involved in the film adaptations always works on the films with a great deal of passion and sensitivity for the underlying book templates.” Same with the latest part.

“I want people out there to know that it’s not right if the credits for this film say ‘Based on the novel by Rita Falk’,” the author had previously emphasized in “Spiegel”. She even shed tears because of it.

Nevertheless, she also confirmed to the “dpa” that she “very much appreciates the cooperation with Constantin Film”. In addition, the cast is “perfect” in her eyes and she “likes all the predecessors of the Eberhofer films very much”. Only: “What I don’t like is the current part, that’s all, everything else is just nonsense.”

Apparently, it is not yet clear exactly what will happen to further film adaptations of her novels. Two older parts of her Eberhofer series have not yet found their way onto the big screen. Her latest book, titled “Plugin Fish Fiasco,” is expected to be published this fall.