In Niederkaltenkirchen, nothing is as usual anymore, because in “Rehragout-Rendezvous” (theatrical release: August 10) the women suddenly set the tone. Above all, village policeman Franz Eberhofer (Sebastian Bezzel, 52) can hardly reconcile this with his masculinity.

“What is there to eat?” – “Nothing.” Bang at the Eberhofer-Hof: Grandma (Enzi Fuchs, 86) is on strike. After what feels like 2,000 cakes and even more roast pork, bread dumplings and cabbage, grandma decides to get rid of family care in the future. pure chaos! Papa Eberhofer (Eisi Gulp, 67), Franz (Bezzel), Leopold (Gerhard Wittmann, 59) and Susi (Lisa Maria Potthoff, 45) should finally learn to take care of themselves.

Now, of all times, Susi temporarily takes over Niederkaltenkirchen’s town hall as deputy mayor and, with her newly won power, reduces Franz’s post to half-time so that he can take care of his son Pauli in the future. This action touches Eberhofer’s masculinity sensitively.

Luckily, it doesn’t take long before a crow picks up a human ear and a deadlocked missing persons case surprisingly develops into a tricky murder case that reunites Franz and Rudi (Simon Schwarz, 52) as an investigative dream team in top form again…

One of the topics, Franz Eberhofer’s erotic crisis – he can no longer do as he wants because Susi is suddenly his superior – is again a good example of what makes the series so special: “A actually very serious topic – if one doesn’t gets up, it’s usually a problem in the head – it’s presented in a comically exaggerated way,” explains Sebastian Bezzel in an interview with spot on news. That is also one of the reasons why he “likes the Eberhofer series so much”.

In fact, things got serious behind the scenes for Birkenberger actor Simon Schwarz. In his life he had never “reached my stress limit – mentally and physically – to such an extent” while filming, he says in retrospect, meaning both the chain act over the manure pit and balancing on a high beam in a barn.

In addition to the familiar main actors, there are again plenty of guest stars with delicious performances in this ninth film adaptation of an Eberhof crime thriller. One of the highlights is certainly the war of words that Papa Eberhofer has with the pet supplies saleswoman Vroni (Monika Gruber, 52). You can probably only scold in Bavarian in such a passionate and entertaining way.

With Monika Schwarzmann (44) as a teacher, another popular Bavarian cabaret artist has a small but nice role. And Bezzel’s long-time “crime scene” colleague Eva Mattes (68) is also back on board as Mooshammer Liesl. Again she does her best to drive a wedge between the grandma and her male household.

“Rehragout-Rendezvous” once again serves exactly the colourful, detailed and lovingly furnished smiley shocker mix that fans have come to expect from the cult series. If only because there are currently no new Eberhofer crime thrillers to be filmed, this film should be enjoyed to the fullest.