Hackers have attempted to steal and resell digital concert tickets for the German dates of Taylor Swift’s tour. The number of unauthorized resales is in the low double-digit range, a spokesman for the Eventim ticket exchange said on Monday. The continued purchase of Swift tickets has been temporarily suspended. Several media outlets had previously reported.

Swift (34) is starting the European part of her tour in a few days and is also coming to Germany for a few dates in July. The tickets were only available through Eventim and sold out immediately. As a security measure, the tickets were personalized. It is only possible to resell them via an Eventim ticket exchange.

According to the spokesman, Eventim has reset the passwords of a number of users as a precautionary measure. But that doesn’t mean that all of these people are affected by the hacker attack. After setting up a new password, the digital tickets should be visible again. In general, Eventim recommended that users change their password.

Transactions that were identified as fraudulent were reversed. Eventim also contacted the police.