First a baby, and now a wedding: actress Rebel Wilson (42) proposed to her partner, designer Ramona Agruma (38), at Disneyland. She posted photos of the engagement on Instagram. “We said YES,” she writes.

The two women pose in pink and white striped shirts with a heart in the middle in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Overjoyed, they hold Ramona’s engagement ring from Tiffany for the camera.

Wilson made it public in June 2022 that she was dating a woman: “I thought I would look for a Disney prince,” she explained at the time. “But maybe all I really needed was a Disney princess.”

In November, the Australian native gave birth to her first child, daughter Royce, with the help of a surrogate mother. To help others find their soul mate, the actress also developed a dating app called Fluid. “It’s the first app where you don’t have to define upfront whether you’re straight, bisexual or gay,” she explains. “And you don’t have to explain what you’re looking for either. It’s love without labels, so to speak.”