It has been around four months since streaming provider Netflix released Zack Snyder’s (58) idea of ​​a “Star Wars” film with “Rebel Moon – Part One: Child of Fire”. The positive reviews were limited, but the success was not: the mix of fantasy and science fiction collected around 70 million views in the first three weeks. On April 19th, almost four months later, the continuation of the story begins with “The Scar Maker”. For everyone who can’t remember exactly the end of part one, a little reminder.

“Rebel Moon” revolves around Kora (Sofia Boutella, 42), a former soldier of the tyrannical empire. The purified Kora has built a new existence for herself in a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy – but then her past catches up with her: the diabolical Admiral Atticus Noble (Ed Skrein, 41) lands on the planet with his henchmen and employs the residents Ultimatum that practically condemns them to death.

The farmers have ten weeks to hand over their entire food supplies to the oppressors. But instead of obediently signing their own death sentence, they rebel: Kora kills the soldiers of the empire who were left behind and, together with the farmer Gunnar (Michiel Huisman, 42), sets off to the farthest corners of the universe to form a capable force to defend them to drum up a new home. But who is crazy enough to voluntarily stand in the way of an almost overwhelming opponent?

The first half of the two-part epic was largely devoted to the search for the “dirty half dozen” who fight alongside Kora and the settlers. Her troop gradually grew almost episodically and introduced the new warriors – such as the former tactical genius General Titus (Djimon Hounsou, 59), the shady Kai (Charlie Hunnam, 44) or the quick-witted nemesis (Bae Doona, 44).

However, the group was not complete before part two: Hunnam’s character Kai turned out to be a secret henchman of the empire and met his surprisingly early end in the finale of the first film. Meanwhile, the rebel Darrian Bloodaxe, played by “Justice League” star Ray Fisher (36), died a heroic death, sacrificing his life for that of his companions in typical Snyder super slow motion.

And the big villain of the series, Admiral Noble, didn’t survive the final chord of “Child of Fire” – theoretically. Shortly before the credits, it was shown how the villain, who was defeated by Kora and fell to his death, was brought back to new, even more evil life using questionable methods.

All of the important characters were introduced in part one and the sci-fi world was explained – so for the upcoming second part, viewers can expect an epoch-making battle with a lot of pomp and some tragic farewells. As is well known, Snyder proved almost 20 years ago with his film “300” that he can stage the fight between David and Goliath in a way that is worth seeing. Instead of King Leonidas (Gerard Butler, 54) and 299 other Spartans, now with a handful of space outlaws and laser pistols.