The death of Venezuelan rapper Tirone González, better known by his stage name Canserbero, has officially been solved. This was announced by Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab (61). According to this, the ex-manager Natalia Améstica admitted in a new confession from December 19th, which Saab presented as a video, that she had drugged the rapper and stabbed him.

With the help of her brother, she then threw the musician’s body out of a tenth floor window. Canserbero’s death in 2015 was initially ruled a suicide. It was believed he killed his friend Carlos Molnar in a stabbing and jumped out of a window.

Améstica stated in her confession that she also killed the producer and her then-partner Carlos Molnar and that she committed the murders “out of resentment and hatred toward both of them.” Molnar is said not to have paid her the money she had invested in a tour, and Canserbero is said to have declared that he no longer wanted her as a manager, which “hurt her a lot”.

On January 19, 2015, she is said to have given the two men tea with a strong sedative and then stabbed Molnar and later Canserbero. Her brother and three Venezuelan intelligence officers then helped her alter the crime scene to make it look like a suicide. The officials are said to have received money for their silence.

Family and friends had always doubted the official version of events and the investigation into the case was reopened last month.

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