Kanye West isn’t letting up. Although the musician is turning more and more people against himself with his anti-Semitic statements, he continues on Twitter. West recently tweeted that he wanted to take a break from speaking, meaning not saying anything for a month. But posting allegations on the Internet – that is apparently not part of his vow of silence.

And so he takes out several tweets against his former personal trainer Harley Pasternak. The celebrity trainer reportedly called 911 in 2016 when West was mentally collapsing. “What should be obvious by now is that I was raised to stand up for my truth regardless of the consequences,” West wrote on Twitter. “So I’ll say it again: I was (…) misdiagnosed, drugged and nearly insane trying to make myself into a manageable, well-mannered celebrity,” he continued, sharing a screenshot of Pasternak’s text messages.

It reads: The trainer apparently offered his famous client a clarifying conversation. However, he also asked him to refrain from using “swear words” or “crazy stuff”. “Second option: I put you back in an institution where they pump you full of drugs and you go back to Zombieland forever. The play date with the kids won’t be the same,” coach Kanye West apparently wrote.

Things have been brewing between West and Pasternak for several weeks. The two men had been friends for more than ten years. But now the relationship has broken down after West not only teased Pasternak’s client Lizzo, but also spread his blatant anti-Semitism on social networks.

Pasternak, himself Jewish, took a stance a little later and primarily commented on the anti-Semitic comments of his former friend and client. “I think Kanye has a history of mental health issues and it seems like he’s going through a phase. If people continue to give him a platform to spread hateful, anti-Semitic rhetoric, they are complicit,” he told Newsweek. mid-October. “I spoke to Kanye for about five hours yesterday and his communication is very incoherent at the moment. That doesn’t excuse anyone being anti-Semitic. In fact, the lack of outrage from people over his tweet is very sad, regardless of whether he’s mentally ill or not. That is not acceptable,” he added.

As you are already used to from Kanye, after the criticism he made a sweeping attack.

Sources: Twitter / “Newsweek”

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