Unfortunately, rainy days during the festival period are not uncommon, but should not be a general spoilsport. After all, everyone can prepare adequately for this situation – mentally and in terms of equipment. With these valuable tips, every visitor can get the best out of rainy festival days.

Proper gear is crucial: it’s advisable to pack waterproof clothing, wellington boots and an umbrella to protect yourself from the wet. This way you stay as dry as possible and can enjoy the festival to the fullest. The clever planning of the outfits should also not be underestimated. Here you should rely on layers. Light, water-repellent clothing under a rainproof jacket keeps you warm and dry. A waterproof hat in particular works wonders to protect your hair from downpours.

Speaking of protecting, valuables should be stowed in waterproof pouches or pockets to ensure electronic devices and documents are not ruined.

It is also important to pay attention to the right food: A hot tea with the camping stove and warm food drive away the wet and cold thoughts.

Exploring the festival site for covered areas such as tents, stages or pavilions can be worthwhile. Those who have the “power of the shelters” on their screen can protect themselves from the rain and at the same time experience great performances. Here, the rain can often bring people closer together: take the opportunity to meet new people while gathering under a common roof or in shelters.

Many places to eat are also often covered. Despite the mostly high prices, it can be worth trying out the variety of culinary offerings at the festival. Enjoying local specialties and new flavors is particularly attractive at events outside of Germany.

In addition, many festivals offer workshops, art exhibitions and other activities. This is an opportunity to develop your creative side and learn new things. This can help even if it’s not taking place under a tarpaulin, because it takes your mind off things.

At the end of the day, the best memories are still made in the mind. A new perspective can help to accept the situation better. The rain can positively change the atmosphere at festivals and create a unique atmosphere. At night, for example, the illuminated paths and stages reflect in the water, which can create magical moments.

It is important to make the best of the situation. Don’t be discouraged by a bit of rain and think positively. After all, the festival is perhaps remembered precisely because you were able to enjoy it despite the weather.