If you look around in online shops or on the street, you can’t miss quilted jackets. The transition jacket celebrated its comeback in spring and is more popular than ever. The jackets are not only functional, but also fashionable, versatile and fit almost every style and occasion. Whether you’re dressing for a fancy dinner or a relaxing walk in the park, the puffer jacket always works. And no matter whether as a transitional jacket or a winter coat – the star shows which models you can use to prepare for which season.

Quilted jackets have a long history and have been an integral part of the fashion world for many decades. Originally developed for outdoor activities in the 1930s by brands such as Barbour and Belstaff, they have since become a true classic. Their quilting pattern, which improves insulation, has proven to be functional. While up until a few years ago quilted jackets had the reputation of being old-fashioned and stuffy, and were even referred to as “grandma jackets”, today they are more popular than ever.

The quilted jacket is popular not only for its history and functionality, but also for its versatility. It can be worn in different lengths and colors and goes with almost every outfit. A shorter puffer jacket with a fitted cut adds a chic touch to the look, while a longer jacket creates a relaxed, casual style. The combination possibilities are limitless, from jeans and t-shirts to elegant dresses and boots.

Another advantage of quilted jackets is their versatility in terms of seasons. You can wear layers underneath to keep warm on cooler days or use it alone as a light jacket on warmer days. This makes them an ideal companion for the transition between seasons. Most modern quilted jackets are also water-repellent, making them a good choice for rainy days.

Quilted jackets are often filled with an insulating filling made of down or synthetic fibers, which retain body heat and protect against the cold. This makes them particularly suitable for staying warm in cold winters. Despite their thermal performance, quilted jackets are light and not bulky. It is therefore comfortable to wear and ideal for everyday use. Most quilted jackets are easy to care for and machine washable. They are popular in the fashion world and can be worn both casually and dressed up. If you are looking for a suitable quilted jacket for autumn or winter, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Long coats can sometimes seem overwhelming on very short people, while short jackets may seem too short on very tall people. Short quilted jackets tend to be more casual and work well for everyday wear, casual activities or informal occasions. Long quilted coats, on the other hand, often have a more elegant look. In cold regions or extreme weather conditions, long coats provide additional protection from cold and wind as they cover the entire body. Short jackets can be worn in milder winters or in changeable weather. Of course, there are no fixed rules when wearing quilted jackets: Ultimately, your choice should depend on your personal style and preferences.

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