After it was confirmed that Mike Tindall would move to the English jungle camp, Royal fans were particularly happy. Because of course they hope that the husband of Zara Tindall, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, could tell a few anecdotes from the royal family.

On Thursday, Tindall and his campmates chatted about waxing, a type of hair removal that one camper likened to giving birth. A skewed comparison, but it led to Tindall’s narration. Because the former rugby player was reminded of the birth of his and Zara Tindall’s youngest child.

“Lucas was quick. The third [birth]. When we got our things to go to the hospital, she [Zara] came out of the bath and could hardly stand, she was shaking. The midwife said, ‘She won’t make it to the hospital ‘” he recounted.

From then on things progressed at breakneck speed and the pain of his wife giving birth was enormous. “She almost choked me to death,” he recalled at the camp, which is taking place in Australia again this year. “You can’t say anything, can you? ‘Can you let go, you’re really hurting me?!'” he joked.

Tindall not only addressed the birth of his child. Getting to know his wife was also a topic of conversation around the campfire. “First real date, we were only around for lunch. And it ended up in quite a spree. Then we found out we both like to get drunk. That was a good start,” he said on Monday night’s episode.

It can be assumed that Tindall would not drag his married family through the mud. His wife and the late monarch were too close. But fans can apparently still be curious about a few private stories.

Those: “Daily Mail”

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