Queen Màxima of the Netherlands (52) has once again proven her fashionable touch. At the weekend, King Willem-Alexander’s (56) wife (56) first visited a branch of the Zeeman textile chain in The Hague, then went to the Loosduins Museum. Her outfit always stood out from the crowd.

Màxima showed up in a bright green sheath dress with a subtle pink pattern, long batwing sleeves and a brooch from the Belgian fashion label Natan. She also wore bright green pumps and a pink fascinator. She gathered her hair into a low ponytail. In addition, teardrop-shaped hanging earrings, a clutch were used and gloves were used.

During her visit, Màxima inspected the 300-year-old windmill in the village of Loosduinen with the staff and some children. She also beamed and participated in various music and gaming activities as part of her appointment, according to Instagram.

Husband King Willem-Alexander meanwhile visited a retirement home in the Dutch city of Gorinchem and kept the patients happy there.