These days, Queen Letizia is experiencing a busy agenda of events in which she acts as hostess for the companions of world leaders in their attendance at the 32nd NATO summit being held in Madrid. If we have already been able to see her on different occasions together with the first lady of the United States, JIll Biden, wearing different looks, for the gala dinner that the Kings offered this Tuesday night at the Royal Palace, the Spanish sovereign once again gave a style lesson, repeating dress and, yes, betting once again on the Spain brand.

For dinner, Doña Letizia opted to recover one of her most elegant and flattering dresses. Specifically, she is recycling a design that she already wore at the 2021 Princess of Asturias Awards. With a ‘New Look’ cut, it is a black design by The 2nd Skin Co.

Featuring a fitted body and flared skirt. In addition, it is enhanced by being accompanied by bows in relief at the height of the hips and defines the figure thanks to a thin belt. It is the Magna Magnolia model and belongs to the Spring/Summer 2022 collection of the national firm.

To complement the styling, the Queen opted for Manolo Blahnik slingback shoes, made of PVC and black straps. And she has repeated the jewels that she already wore in the aforementioned awards. On the one hand, her inseparable ring from her by Karen Hallam (a gift from her daughters), the chaton earrings, visible thanks to a flattering updo with a braided bow, and the twin Cartier bracelets. Both pieces of jewelry are part of the lot to pass, that is, those jewels that must be passed from queen to queen, as established by Queen Victoria Eugenia.

In addition to Doña Letizia, there were several companions whose outfits stood out at the dinner served at the Royal Palace. From Begoña Gómez, the wife of President Pedro Sánchez, who, like the Queen, opted for Spanish fashion with a design by Asturian Marcos Luengo; Jill Biden, who we have seen spectacular looks in her first appearances in Spain and for this occasion she chose a white jacket suit very similar to the one worn by Queen Letizia in the morning session; or Brigitte Macron, the wife of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, with a flattering dress and striking green dress.