Queen Letizia (50) and her daughter Sofía (16) cheered on the victory of the Spanish women’s national team against England at the stadium in Sydney.

In the run-up to the event, the queen said in an interview that the final would “rattle all of Spain”. And assured: “No matter what happens, they are already champions.” Her daughter agreed, saying she was happy to congratulate all the players in the dressing room afterwards “no matter what.”

After the game, the Royals congratulated the newly crowned world champions on the pitch. As photos show, which were also shared by the Spanish royal family on Twitter, the mood was exuberant.

You can see, for example, how the queen stands in front of the players and stretches her arms in the air with joy, how she high-fives people in the stands and how her daughter takes selfies with fans, and how, in the midst of the team, she throws the trophy into the altitude. With the monarch in their midst, the team chanted “Campeonas! Campeonas del mundo!” (“World champions, world champions!”). The players also had jerseys with the names of the Queen and her daughter in their luggage, which were gratefully accepted.

The British team has already received a reaction from their royals after their 1-0 defeat.

Prince William (41) wrote on Twitter: “Although it is the result none of us wanted, you have made yourselves and this nation proud. Your spirit and drive have inspired so many and paved the way for generations to come . Thank you for the football memories.” Finally, the prince congratulated the winners in a relatively sober manner: “Congratulations to Spain.”

The fact that Prince William was not present at the final caused some criticism in advance. But two important royals were also missing on the Spanish side in the final: Princess Leonor (17) could not take part on Thursday because of her admission to the military academy. King Felipe VI (55) was absent from Madrid on Monday due to important appointments.