Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), who died in September 2022, would have celebrated her 98th birthday today, April 21st. Sarah Ferguson (64), the late Queen’s former daughter-in-law, marked this special occasion with a moving Instagram post. But Prince Andrew’s ex-wife (64) made a small mistake.

“Today we remember Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on her 97th birthday. Thank you for everything you taught us, for being a steadfast leader and a good friend. You will be sorely missed,” wrote the 64th -year-old posted on the social network a picture of the beaming Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. But Ferguson made a mistake in her heartbreaking contribution. Queen Elizabeth II would have turned 98 on April 21 this year, not 97 as Ferguson’s Instagram post states.

Numerous comments under the post immediately draw attention to this blunder. “It would have been her 98th birthday since she was born in 1926,” it says, or: “Your 98th birthday, Sarah!”. Another person wrote: “To everyone correcting Sarah Ferguson… I’m sure she knows exactly how old Queen Elizabeth would have been. It could just be a typo.”

In addition to these instructions for correction, many people are also simply moved by the special date. “Happy birthday, Your Majesty,” it says in the comments under Sarah Ferguson’s post. Another person wrote: “Always loved, never forgotten,” followed by two heart emojis.