The Queen of England ascends the throne in the new trailer for the Netflix prequel series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. India Amarteifio (21) plays a younger version of Golda Rosheuvel’s (53) perceptive Queen Charlotte, whom viewers have known since 2020, when the series “Bridgerton” became a huge hit.

The new trailer begins with Charlotte wondering why George (Corey Mylchreest), the King of England, and his royal family want her to marry the monarch in an arranged marriage. “It’s time to become a united society,” George’s mother tells the young queen, insisting she has “as many children as possible”.

The six-episode miniseries focuses on young Queen Charlotte’s rise “to fame and power”. Netflix further explained the story, which starts on May 4th, that it tells of the Queen’s beginnings at court, of irrepressible love and great responsibility. With the marriage between Charlotte and King George “both a great love story and social changes begin and give life to the new high society in which the characters of ‘Bridgerton’ later move”.

In the trailer, Queen Charlotte is trying to flee the royal compound by climbing over a wall when she suddenly comes face to face with King George. “I understand that you hold a grudge against me,” he later says in the clip. “But give me an evening of your time to ease your hatred of me.”

Love scenes, dancing in a ballroom and a big celebration also feature in the trailer, in which Queen Charlotte appears to be trying to settle into her marriage and her new place.