Queen Camilla (76) and the press – a relationship that has been strained for decades. And yet the wife of King Charles III was convincing. (75) on Monday evening with a casual and, above all, self-ironic appearance at the Foreign Press Association (FPA) Awards in London. Numerous journalists were honored there for exceptional achievements. Queen Camilla gave the main speech there and praised the work of the press, especially that of foreign correspondents in crisis areas such as the current Ukraine or the Middle East.

With a smug grin on her face, however, she also spoke about her own, sometimes clouded, connection with British court reporting. According to ABC News, Camilla told the journalists in attendance: “There are journalists in my family, and I’ve even been the subject of one story or another over the years…” She received this for her ironic, almost cynical remark According to reports, there was a lot of laughter in the room and widespread recognition in the group.

Camilla continued that she had also taken the opportunity to visit editorial offices several times. So she knows “how hard the work” as a member of the press is: “Especially – if I may say so – for women who, despite the many hurdles they had to overcome, were among the bravest reporters of all.”

To put things into perspective: Queen Camilla has been well respected and popular in the British media for several years. However, that wasn’t always the case. Because of her role as “Princess Diana’s rival (1961-1997)”, Camilla was portrayed in a bad light in public for many years and not exactly favorably by most royal reporters. Her former nickname “Rottweiler” speaks volumes. Only a massive image campaign, controlled by King Charles and the court, gradually put her in a better light.

The FPA is the oldest and largest association of foreign correspondents in the world. It was founded in 1888 by foreign journalists who came to London to report on the case of the serial killer Jack the Ripper. Numerous German media are also members of the FPA.