In contrast to ordinary trousers, shaping jeans have a particularly high proportion of elastane. This not only makes them more comfortable to wear (not to mention that the models are much easier to put on), but also have a figure-shaping effect: In other words, they support thighs and buttocks without squeezing the legs. And yet the corresponding models keep their fit, even after wearing the shaping jeans several times or for a longer period of time. However, the stretchy high-tech stretch and the push-up effect are not the only two advantages that the pants have to offer.

The high proportion of elastane makes the shaping jeans particularly stretchy – for this reason it is advisable to choose one size smaller when buying pants. The pants will expand automatically over time.

Never use fabric softener when washing shaping jeans. In addition, the trousers should not be washed too often or at temperatures above 30 or 40 degrees (see label). And the dryer is also taboo.

When trying on shaping jeans, it’s important that they fit snugly without pinching your legs or thighs. For the comfort test, you should be able to move and sit down in the pants.

And one last tip: the shaping jeans should not only look good on you, they should also sit perfectly. It doesn’t mean that the trousers look good on you, but rather that you should feel comfortable in them. When standing and walking, sitting and lying down.

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