Rebel Wilson (44) took another shot at British actor Sacha Baron Cohen (52) on Instagram – just a few hours after he and Isla Fisher (48) announced their separation. According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, Wilson’s claims that her colleague had sexually harassed her were the trigger for Fisher to announce their separation last year.

Shortly after the divorce was announced, Rebel Wilson followed up against Baron Cohen in a story on her Instagram account. The actress was first promoting a live show in Los Angeles on Monday during which she will discuss her book “Rebel Rising.” In this she makes serious allegations against Baron Cohen. She then posted the cover of the book and wrote: “Now available in the US. The UK and Australia are temporarily delayed by an asshole, but not for long.” She is referring to Sacha Baron Cohen, who she had previously claimed was trying to silence her with the help of expensive lawyers and PR crisis managers.

Actress Rebel Wilson worked with Baron Cohen in 2016’s The Spy and His Brother. In her recently published autobiography “Rebel Rising” she makes serious allegations against the “Borat” star. On the set of the comedy, he bullied her several times and sexually harassed her. Baron Cohen immediately and vehemently denied the allegations and had his spokesman tell TMZ: “While we know how important it is to be able to express yourself freely, these demonstrably false allegations are directly refuted by extensive, detailed evidence. This includes contemporary documents, film footage and eyewitness accounts from those present before, during and after the production of ‘The Spy and His Brother’.”

After Wilson’s allegations, Baron Cohen is now making headlines for his failed marriage. In a joint statement on April 5, he and Isla Fisher announced on their Instagram Stories about a tennis picture: “After a long tennis match over 20 years, we are finally putting down our rackets. In 2023 we have jointly filed for the termination of our marriage. For Protecting our privacy has always been our top priority and we have worked through this change quietly.”

The two met at a party in Australia in 2000. The engagement took place in 2004. The first of three children together was born in 2007. Another three years later, the wedding bells finally rang.