The troll was great – but failed shortly before the goal: Singer Mieze, front woman of the electropunk band Mia, was unable to be chosen as the winner of the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”. The 44-year-old was eliminated from the show in fourth place in the evening’s finale – and therefore had to take off the costume she had been under up to that point.

The reason: Mieze didn’t get enough votes from the audience. The mask was a large-nosed troll that appeared to be made of rock.

The singer reported after her unmasking that she had previously thought that she might be disappointed. “But I’m so happy, I could almost start crying,” said Mieze, whose real name is Maria Mummert. It was a great experience.

In the costume show, celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identities behind large masks. Only her voice and a few clues give an idea of ​​who might be on stage. After all, whoever is thrown out of the show has to identify themselves. Quite a few observers had already strongly suspected that Mieze could be in the troll costume.

The ninth season of the show is currently running. The winner should be decided on Sunday night.

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